Anywhere 2020 - What's New?

    Many of you have emailed asking what's new for the upcoming 2020 release. There is a lot to love about the new build. The biggest changes are going to be with the new 'Insight' customer view.

    Let's dive in :-)

    The first thing you will notice is a refreshed Surface design that makes it even easier to find what you are looking for. The customer photo is bigger. The shipping address was migrated to the Insight view. The interface is flat with much better use of whitespace.

    One Touch POS Buttons have a gorgeous new look and feel. We updated them to better align to the grid. There is more support for touch screens and the updated labels allow for better whitespace management. The new color pop makes it easier to find items at a glance.

    New fields have been added to the customer account. Including gender, company name and four user defined fields.

    We replaced the "accordion" customer view with a fantastic new module called FirmPOS Insight. You are going to love this.

    We are planning to announce an official release date in early 2020. Between now and then, we can schedule pre-rollout training with your leadership team to make the transition a comfortable one.

    Any clubs that want the update early can request it by reaching out to support and we can schedule the rollout and training.

    Check back for more updates as we get closer to a release. You can also see the latest screenshots on our website. (we update it regularly)

    FirmPOS Insight is a modern new way to know more about your customer with a quick glance at the screen.