Insight Reporting - First Look

    Here's a quick look at the new Insight Reporting platform. It's a totally new approach that includes both tabular and pivot style reporting. This is like nothing we've ever created. It takes data mining and visualization to a whole new level.

    Here's a few of the high notes :-)

    Powerhouse features include drag and drop column sorting, deep filtering, conditional chaining, memorization, row grouping, ranges, searching, calculated columns, flexible datasets, pivot tables, charting and native Excel exporting.

    Create beautiful printed reports with a click.

    Download new content as you need it from our built-in high speed delivery network. We even expose the underlying code that creates the report! This gives you complete control over every aspect of the report's data rendering system.

    The best part... we built Insight so we can help you get the data you need right now. Insight Reporting is going to change how you think of your club's data.

    Reach out to schedule a quick walk through or training session. Be sure to share any reporting ideas or challenges you have when you reach out. We cannot wait to share this with you!

    Insight Reporting - Included with FirmPOS 2020